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Cyberlaps is a small team of professionals who want to develop unique game projects and put maximum efforts and skills to achieve this goal.

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There are list of our games here.

Epic Pets - Match-3 Adventure

Casual | Webgl | iOS | Android

Epic Pets doesn’t copy any of the famous match-3 game, instead, it combines their best features with some new ideas. It’s a promising project that can please players with new unusual gaming experiences. Cute pets are the main feature of the game which adds much fun to the gameplay. Players can improve pets' abilities, change their outfit and decorate pets hideouts.
Main features:

  • New experience in match-3 gameplay. Game characters (pets) are fully involved in match-3 mechanics with their unique abilities. While progressing through the game, players can improve pets’ abilities in order to get more help and positive emotions.
  • A unique win-win game mode offers players lots of fun.
  • Players skills really matter in this game! Pet’s ability scale doesn’t depend on the color of the matched gems, but on the way player creates combinations with gems.
  • The ability to play with any pet and try different tactics. Pet abilities are unique and associated with certain core mechanics, but almost all levels are designed in such a way that players can vary pets if they encounter difficulties
  • Fresh and pleasant visual style. No candy animations and jelly gems.

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    Crossworium - word puzzle

    Word | Puzzle | Mobile | Russian

    Amazing word game with unique gameplay.

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    Fakebuster - Duck Vs Fake News

    Quiz | Mobile | English | Russian

    One famous president once claimed - ‘Fake news is the enemy of the people!’, and he is absolutely right.
    Every day we come across a huge amount of news from completely different sources. Some news proves to be true, but commonly we know nothing about the information we get and its origin. Day by day we just look through tweets of our friends, watch TV, read scandalous rumors and almost never check if this information true or fake.
    But the World we’re living in is hardly airtight. Therefore it’s important to process incoming information correctly, not to jump to conclusions and always check, if your intuition tells there is something wrong here. This app is just about to help you with that! We have collected and checked over 200 news from all around the world and this number will be constantly increasing. Intuition and knowledge are the guides in this world and our app can help you to improve them a little.
    Destroy the fakes, compete with your friends and become a real Fakebuster! Have a good game!

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    We are looking for:

  • Experienced 2d artist
  • FX artist (2D or 3D)
  • 3D specialist (modeling, skinning, animations)
  • If you want to work with interesting people on unique projects you are welcome: radegast (at)


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